Fundraising with Sip California

U.S. Coins and Paper Money

  • No selling
  • Simply notify your members and donors about the fundraiser
  • Our wine tasting cards sell themselves
  • We run your fundraiser through Sip
  • Your organization is paid immediately after the close of fund raiser
  • Your organization will receive up to 50% of your fund raiser card sales
  • Each fundraiser is tailored specifically to your organization



 Customer Testimonial

“We are pleased beyond belief in how successful this fundraiser was! The Stockton Chorale enjoyed working with Sip California. They made the process easy and quick. This is the easiest fund-raiser our organization has done in a long time! Not only that, but it supports our local businesses.”

M.C., President, The Stockton Chorale


The easiest fund raiser ever!

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