Sip California Wine Experience Cards offer wine tasting and purchase discounts, at an array of wineries in each region. Experience Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, the Sacramento Valley & Sierra Foothills with Sip California! Taste the wines before you buy, and save money, too!

2017 Sip California Wine Experience Cards

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 2017 California Brewery Card

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Customer Reviews

“I came across Sip California last year and bought a card it was best thing I did for the year 2013… I had a lot of fun trying out all the wineries on my card… I met new people, tasted great wines and I even joined 3 wineries (wine clubs) from my card. The best wines are the ones we drink with friends!!!”

“We purchased our first SIP card in 2013 for Lodi. We had never wine tasted in Lodi before, so this was an amazing experience. We had a blast exploring all of the Lodi wineries… We brought home many wines for our collection so that we can reminisce the experience and enjoy our favorites.”

“We purchased our first Sip CA card last year as a good excuse to start trying wineries near us (since we just recently moved to the area). We need to do more exploring, but our favorite so far, has been Vina Castellano! We joined their wine club and have enjoyed our first Tapa event at the Winter release weekend.”